Full Automation.

Customize your Pool Cover

Your Automatic Cover System by Coverstar is designed especially for your pool. Our sales team can help you choose the system which best compliments your pool, design decor, landscaping and budget. 

Track System

Automatic Cover Systems by Coverstar offers unique component guide accessories, which offers you the opportunity to enjoy a Coverstar automatic safety pool cover system on most pool designs - concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, rectangular, free-form, new construction, or existing pool. Let us know how we may best serve you!

Mechanism and Motor

Our Stainless Steel Eclipse mechanism is the most advanced automatic safety pool cover system on the market today, and an exclusive product of Coverstar.


Coverstar Southeast offers eleven fabric colors for your automatic safety cover system. Black, Charcoal, Gray, Brown, Mocha, Tan, Forest Green, Teal, Light Blue, Royal Blue and Navy.

Control and Automation

The locking Key Switch is a great safety feature. When you hold the key - you hold the power. Coverstar also offers a touchpad which allows you to set up to four secure codes on one touchpad.

Lid, Bench, or Other Mechanism Housing

Coverstar Southeast offers several aesthetically pleasing options to protect your automatic safety pool cover system and protect your investment.

Automatic Safety Pool Cover

An Automatic Cover System by Coverstar offers the easiest and most reliable way to keep your pool safe, clean, and ready to use.

Simply turn a key or press a button, and your pool is completely protected (covered) or ready to enjoy (uncovered), in under a minute.

Coverstar Southeast is the exclusive Coverstar distributor, installer and service provider for the Southeast. 

The powerful Coverstar mechanism and motor contribute to the most advanced pool cover system on the market, today.