Schedule Maintenance

Complete System Maintenance should be done every year on any automatic cover system. Depending on their property location and the maturity of the foliage surrounding their pool, many of our homeowners prefer to have the Service completed every six months. We will always try to accommodate your schedule, as this Coverstar 12pt Maintenance is a MUST. 

Keeping your cover system free from dirt and debris that can collect in the guides or in the automatic cover housing, prevents damage to the system. Over time, debris which settle on the fabric or in the housing can deteriorate and stain the cover fabric.

A leaf blower or garden hose can easily remove debris from the cover surface - NEVER pressure wash your cover fabric! This creates pinholes and compromises the integrity of your fabric. 

Coverstar Southeast technicians will hand-wash and brush clean your automatic safety cover with manufacturer-approved products and seal the fabric to protect it from UV and extreme weather conditions.  

Your 12pt Annual Maintenance includes:

  • Inspect and clean your cover
  • Condition and seal the fabric
  • Lubricate and check the pulleys
  • Clean out the cover housing 
  • Thoroughly inspect the webbing
  • Evaluate the motor operation
  • Inspect the sliders/wheels
  • Lubricate the entire system
  • Inspect the torque housing
  • Clean and evaluate the guides
  • Evaluate Cover Pump operation
  • Thoroughly inspect and adjust ropes

Please contact Coverstar Southeast to schedule this necessary service.         (770) 975-0320