Reliability Features


Reliable Mechanism

Coverstar offers two different mechanisms to help fit your specific needs.

The CS3000 is a marine grade aluminum mechanism with an adjustable torque limiter and is available with an electric or hydraulic motor.

The Eclipse is exclusive to Coverstar and is made of a stainless steel mechanism frame which stands up to the harsh pool environment and has proven to be very effective on saline pools.

Rope Pulleys

High quality rope pulleys are crucial to the performance of an automatic cover system. Coverstar engineers and field tests various rope pulleys that provide maximum reliability  and reduce rope wear.

Sealed Motor

The Coverstar motor is sealed against water by the original manufacturer. The motor can continue to operate, even when the housing is temporarily flooded. Though proper drainage is important to maintain your automatic cover system - this feature helps to eliminate many common motor concerns.

Adjustable Torque Limiter

A mechanical torque limiter protects the motorized mechanism from too much stress. Other automatic covers often use an electronic torque limiter which are known to fail in the harsh pool environment.

PowerFlex™ Ropes

PowerFlex rope behaves like a shock absorber help to maneuver the automatic cover into place during operation. These ropes are engineered and field tested to resists distortion and wear. 

Keyed Safety Switch

The weather-proof toggle switch locks for secured access. When you hold the key - you hold the power. You can be confident that no one will have access to the pool once you have closed the box and removed the key.

Cover Fabric 

Coverstar fabrics are incredibly strong and durable, without being bulky. An advanced vinyl formulation and superior fabrication methods make it top of the line. No other automatic safety cover manufacturer offers so many exclusive features (see the cover fabric page). Choose from nine standard colors. 

Stainless Steel Rope Guide Feed

The guide feed allows your Coverstar ropes to move with ease. Made from stainless steel, they are extremely durable. 

Guide & Sliders

Heavy duty sliders are the strongest in the industry. An extra slide channel prevents binding and stress that wears on the mechanism. Sliders without these features can bind in the guides, causing undo stress on the mechanism and early system failure.