A properly installed cover from Coverstar Southeast provides the peace of mind that you deserve.  Each cover comes with the UL seal, as well as, the cetrification that it exceeds ASTM F1324. 

Since 2017, our Automatic Cover Systems by Coverstar meet the ISPSC requirements as a Safety Barrier.


A properly operated Automatic Cover System by Coverstar can increase the pool's temperature by as much as 12 degrees.  The cover acts as a passive solar collector, capturing the heat from the sun and transferring that heat to the water.


A covered pool is simple to maintain and uncovering the pool is as easy as flipping a switch or activating the keypad.  Within seconds, the cover is retracted and a sparkling pool is ready to enjoy.


Imagine trying to keep your home clean with all the doors and windows open.  Your pool works the same way if you do not have a pool cover to protect it.