Our Story

The Coverstar SE Story

Bruce Thompson, President of Coverstar SE, grew up a farm boy in North Central Montana.  A product of an environment that demands hard work, dedication, and relationships, Bruce brought those values to the swimming pool cover industry beginning in 1988.

Bruce was educated at Montana State University-Northern and specialized in marketing with a minor in business. His inspiration as a young entrepreneur was cultivated early as he began selling fresh milk from the farm to the bus drivers. At the ripe age of 12, he identified that  the phrase “REAL” was the path to a successful business model. (R-Relationships, E-Engaged, A-Attitude, L-Listen) A transaction must be more than just an exchange of a product for currency. It is the beginning of a relationship, says Mr. Thompson. The relationship that is developed is a result of honesty, integrity, and transparency that must occur during the sales process. You have to be willing to be engaged in the lives of the customer, and listen to what their concerns and needs are. If you are willing to listen, they will tell you what is important to them!

Bruce’s drive and creativity allows him to succeed when others simply say no or give up. It is common to see his Team tackle problematic projects that others walked away from. One such project was the Westminster project. This pool measuring 40 ft. X 100ft. was simply impossible for others, but not Bruce. He worked with the School to install the cover in 1996, and they continue to enjoy the benefits of the cover to this day

Bruce’s passion for people is evident in everything he does. Whether he is volunteering in the inner city, or on the set of an “Extreme Makeover” pool cover project, he is comfortable. “I just love people,” says Bruce. I am fortunate to be in a business where I get to do what I really enjoy, and fortunately, our business has thrived over the years. Customer Service is something that is ingrained in everyone one of my employees, and the reward has been numerous awards and letters of recommendations.   

Headquartered in White, Ga. with a show room in Cartersville, and a warehouse in Dallas, Ga., Coverstar SE is the largest distributor of Automatic Pool Covers in the Southeast United States. Coverstar SE serves the entire Southeast from Florida to Middle Tennessee. Our factory trained service and installation technicians are certified to work on all brands of equipment. Each service truck is stocked withCoverstar parts as well as those of the competitors.   No matter what your situation is, we truly live by our motto of: "Peace of Mind, One Cover at a Time."